Building a file

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Let's build a file from various pieces. Read file names from the console. Each file has a name: .partN. For example, Lion.avi.part1, Lion.avi.part2, ..., Lion.avi.part37. The file names are supplied in random order. The word "end" is used to stop reading in file names. In the folder where
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Switch/Cypher Level 22 , Bexleyheath, United Kingdom
7 October, 18:41
"For example, Lion.avi." The dot at the end of this is a FULL STOP, not part of the filename that you need. The Filename should just be "Lion.avi"
Mateusz Level 28 , Poland
14 September, 21:32
If you have problems soloving this task, think carefully if you really need to use the "append" function when outputting.
Adrian Level 20 , Spanish Town, Jamaica
24 August, 03:54
This drove me insane, i think codegym needs to declare in the conditions which classes aren't allowed. for anyone else wondering, for some reason the vallidator does not want you to use the class, or at least some of the methods therein, i went mad trying to figure out why the output of my code was correct but it kept insisting i didn't close streams. whew.