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CrUD for a table inside a file Read a file name for CrUD operations from the console The program runs with one of the following sets of arguments: -u id productName price quantity -d id Argument values: where id is 8 characters productName is 30 characters price is 8 characters quantity is 4 charact
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RadekLevel 22 , Warsaw
18 November 2018, 22:33
Taking into consideration possible number of variants to find the one expected by validator, this task seems to be rather time consuming, so a little clarification would be appreciated to the conditions. 1. What form should the remaining data have after deletion of one line? Should we apply "Each data field is padded with spaces up to its length" in this case or not? 2. Requirements poin3 - the product information in the file should be updated. - should "Each data field is padded with spaces up to its length" be applied to all products in file or only to updated one ? 3. How the solution should behave if input file does not contain the product with id provided in args[1]? Only situation for empty args[] is clear.