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Edit the TableAdapter class so that it adapts the ATable interface to the BTable interface. The getHeaderText method should return "[] : ". For example, "[Amigo] : DashboardTable".
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Brandon Waites
Level 22 , Cincinnati, United States
25 February, 00:06
Well here's an entirely new concept. I didn't know you could both create a class and define its internal characteristics within the main method. Until now, we've either been creating separate class files, or creating public static classes within the Solution class, but never within the main method. Not to mention instancing an interface, at that.
Олег Байбула
Level 32 , Ukraine
3 March, 08:39
It is Anonymous Class. You could have encouter this in Lambdas lesson earlier.)) I recommend reading a some Java book to you, the lessons from codegym are somewhat... cumbersome, idk. But exercises are nice.
Level 39 , Gijón, Spain
1 April 2022, 07:15
In my humble opinion some tasks are not clear about the output format required.
Level 40 , USA
15 February 2020, 11:48
FYI. Make sure your output format is "[%s] : %s", i.e. with square brackets and spaces.