Problem solving

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Replace the main method's System.out object with your own reader wrapper similar to the one shown in the lesson. Your reader wrapper should output the solution to the console. Call testString's existing printSomething() method. Restore the System.out variable back to the original stream. Possible o
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AndrewLevel 29 , Seattle
28 February 2019, 14:16
Hint: there are carriage return and new line characters at the end of the test string. I was getting weird results and it took me a while to narrow it down to this.
Weichen OuyangLevel 25 , San Jose
18 September 2019, 02:29
I see that trick at first glance, however, I still can't get it right. I did cut off the tail (2 character), append the result, then add it back. It still did not pass the validation. Care to share that one line of code for the final output?
Weichen OuyangLevel 25 , San Jose
19 September 2019, 23:10
I solve it by cut off one character from the original string. This one is a tricky one.