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Read 2 file names from the console: file1 and file2. Both files contain text, but file2 is an updated version of file1. Some of the lines are still the same. You need to create a merged version of the lines by writing them to the lines list. The ADDED and REMOVED labels can't be used consecutively—t
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Олег Байбула
Level 32 , Ukraine
4 March, 06:57
This task is completely unclear. I wouldn't waste my time.
Level 37 , Kraków, Poland
31 January, 19:09
It was not easy at all!! At beginning I don't know what's going on, what I'll have do. A few hours reading help section, after that when I haven't computer access I write code with pen and paper and thats what help me understand and create my algorithm. Programmers must have guts and balls. Psychic is crucial in this learning process. Sometimes is hard, not to give up. But remember, if you are on this level, you can be programmer sooner or later!! Don't give up.
Adam Odoj
Level 22 , Poland
19 January, 17:10
I´ve just see my work being accepted. I made it with 2 ArrayLists and one " for" loop with some "if"s and "else if"s, 9 lines of code more then CodeGym. I just have one question, How guys can see how many times it was completed??? On my page does not appears such stats. ????????????
Tasmoda Android Developer
19 August 2022, 19:54
8 hours in, on the 2nd day of battling with task 1. Total it's 14 hours on task 1. Trying again tomorrow, still very stuck😭
Melody Ye
Level 28 , France, France
21 May, 01:59
Why don't you just check the correct answer and get a glimpse of hints?
Tasmoda Android Developer
18 August 2022, 21:34
I'm 6 hours in🤣😂... Guess what? Still super stuck😂
Justin Smith
Level 39 , Greenfield, USA, United States
30 October 2021, 18:12
Incredibly confusing task conditions but somehow I got this one on my first attempt! Always good to check the official solution afterwards anyway to see if there are a few coding shortcuts, and yes there were!
Dawid Bujnicki Junior Developer
19 July 2021, 23:00
If you are iterating through lists taken from each file, make sure that you fully understand what happens if you find added or removed line, which line you should check afterwards. Also think what happens if you reach end of the list and you still have elements to check. Very good task, hard one to do after long break :D
Jurij Thmsn
Level 29 , Flensburg, Germany
19 April 2021, 08:26
I used 3 ArrayLists and 4 for loops and 3 hours 🤯. Code looks really shitty but works. The conditions and given examples are the main difficulty here - they put a knot in my brain. Make sure to check output for the second example, too!
6 March 2021, 13:02
Boy that was a tough one. 295 ppl completed it as of today.
Adam Odoj
Level 22 , Poland
19 January, 17:11
Where do you see that stats???
Level 41
5 February 2021, 10:53
Alright baybay, here we go!
Level 41
8 February 2021, 08:32
Didn't even finish the first one so far, lol.
Level 41
10 February 2021, 11:57
Finally done with the first one, but I had to resort to Mentor solution because even with the support from fellow CodeGymmers I was not able to fully understand the program requirements. Anyway, on to the next one.