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Read 2 file names from the console: file1 and file2. Both files contain text, but file2 is an updated version of file1. Some of the lines are still the same. You need to create a merged version of the lines by writing them to the lines list. The ADDED and REMOVED labels can't be used consecutively—t
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Ulan MukanbetovLevel 26 , Bishkek
29 September 2019, 11:18
I lost 3 days for this task. oh my god! It turns out, when you save a text in Notepad, it automaticly add a symbol of encoding at the end of file, so you cant see it at all, when you open the file. I used Sublime and resave it.
Zoltán RLevel 22 , Budapest
24 September 2019, 20:36
what is wrong with this?