Long words

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The main method's first parameter is file1 and the second is file2. file1 contains words separated by spaces. Write to file2 a comma-separated list of words longer than 6 characters. file2 should not end with a comma. Close the streams. Example output to file2: lengthy,shortened,abbreviation
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Alexandr SeminLevel 23 , Irkutsk
20 April 2019, 22:14
Guadalupe GagnonLevel 37 , Tampa
21 December 2018, 21:06
Do not remove punctuation marks. if the input is: This costs 1 dollar, but this is 12. The variable is called file1. 110 is a number sleventy. Ariable. Notice the ',' after dollar. This counts as towards the overall length of the word. The output for this should be: dollar,,variable,sleventy.,Ariable.