Introducing properties

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In the fillInPropertiesMap method, read a file name from the console and populate the properties map with data from the file. You can read about properties here: Implement the logic for file IO for the properties map.
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Mike S
Level 28 , Saint Louis, United States
23 March, 00:52
Word to the wise that doesn't get covered in Petros' video he posted. Integrate the Properties() technique, but think of it also as its own kind of hashMap to iterate through it! : )
Level 22 , United Federation of Planets
28 November 2020, 14:17
Use properties for this one:
Properties properties = new Properties();
and then use the methods of properties. Here is a great resource:
Ian De Bie Full Stack Developer
22 October 2020, 02:48
you need to know about properties for this one... Java Properties
Level 23 , Columbia, United States
18 September 2020, 18:49
This video that someone else posted helped: Also, I had to iterate through both the properties map and properties object to pass. Still don't understand half of what I'm doing.