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1. We have a two-dimensional array that contains lowercase letters. 2. The detectAllWords method must find all the words in the wordSearch array. 3. The element(startX, startY) must correspond to the first letter of the word, while the element(endX, endY) corresponds to the last letter. text is the
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Justin Smith
Level 39 , Greenfield, USA, United States
25 November 2021, 18:29
Hard but very fun task. I feel like it ends Java Core with a bang. Also feel really good about my solution vs the official solution. Official solution seemed inefficient. Tip: Use recursion to build build temporary words starting from each start character found in the array.
Level 25 , Bexleyheath, United Kingdom
17 October 2020, 18:46
This is a hard one, but to be honest it kind of made up for a lot of the other tasks because it was totally achievable and used techniques that we know well to this point. That said it took me two solid days work to complete to a point where the code was robust. Then I adapted it to be able to read a file that contains any wordsearch and complete it!
Level 41 , Gdańsk, Poland
14 July 2020, 18:13
Can anybody help me,please? I have no clue why the last point is RED. Everything works fine for me, what am I missing?