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The getPartOfString method must return the substring that begins with the character after the first space and ends with the end of the word that follows the 4th space. Example: "CodeGym is the best place to learn Java." Result: "is the best place" Example: "Amigo and Diego are best friends!"
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Level 26 , Spanish Town, Jamaica
2 March, 18:40
This task does not want a "word" that follows the 4th whitespace, it wants the substring that follows it. or more generally, any character(s) that is not a whitespace. "hello my name is ^&*%#" returning "my name is ^&*%#" will pass. I wasted a lot of time on this because the two approaches I came up with (one using regex the other a for loop) would have thrown it an exception if the character after the 4th space was not a word character.
Level 34 , Phnom Penh, Cambogia
18 April 2020, 03:52
don't use "\\W'' can pass only (" ").