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1. Repair the logic of the someAction method for the solutionAction field. 2. See the comment on the main method for example output. 3. Hint: if param > 0, then the someAction method of an anonymous class in the solutionAction field should call a method of the FirstClass subclass.
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Level 41 , Sheffield, United Kingdom
5 February 2022, 07:42
Hopefully the codegym team can update this task so that the tests requirements pass more easily. I used multiple solutions to pass, which matched the screen output, but still was failing. In the end I just downloaded the correct solution and passed with that.
Level 41
9 February 2022, 07:21
Show me your solution to check. In PM, please.
Level 41 , Sheffield, United Kingdom
11 February 2022, 07:57
I don't really remember it. I just downloaded the solution and moved on.
Dave Andrea
Level 41 , Canada
14 September 2020, 14:43
By "fix the logic" I think they really mean stretch the logic to its breaking point in order to pass the task.
Level 41
8 April 2021, 08:01