Restaurant (part 2)

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1. We work with the console a lot. It's time to create a single point of interaction. Create a ConsoleHelper class with a single BufferedReader, through which we will work with the console. Remember, this class does not store any data or state, so all its methods will be static.
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Level 31
11 October 2022, 13:31
Validator on this task seems pretty off. All my code was the same as the solutions and did the same but only by copying all code from the solution could I pass the validator.
Dave Andrea
Level 41 , Canada
26 September 2020, 15:38
The requirements for the toString() methods in Orders and Tablet are incredibly confusing. If you are stuck on them, go straight to the help and check against the code there. It's not worth struggling with because it want's you to read the validator's mind. (Does the validator have a mind?)
Level 31 , Podol'sk, Russian Federation
12 July 2019, 19:50
what is wrong here, I do not understand
Guadalupe Gagnon
Level 37 , Tampa, United States
21 May 2019, 22:31
Be aware on this task that the requirement "The Restaurant class's main method must create a new tablet along with four new orders created using that tablet." is wrong. It WILL NOT pass with 4 orders. Only call the createOrder() 1 time and it will pass.
Level 41
22 May 2019, 06:42
Thanks. We'll fix it.