Restaurant (part 4)

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What do we have? The cook has prepared the dishes. It's time to take them away, but the waiter is unaware. We need to notify the waiter that it's time to pick up the order from the kitchen. This situation is similar to the previous task, so we'll use the Observer pattern again.
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Justin Smith
Level 38 , Greenfield, USA, United States
30 June 2022, 12:27
The sample output is not correct. If the tablet number is 5 and the cook is Amigo and you order just Water, the output when run should be
Start cooking - Your order: [Water] from Tablet{number=5}
Your order: [Water] from Tablet{number=5} was prepared by Amigo
Basically, the first line in the sample output in the Conditions file shouldn't be there, and the line below the sample output should be part of it. I think it's just a formatting error, they enclosed the wrong lines inside the example.