Restaurant (part 14)

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1. Create a void put(EventDataRow data) method in StatisticsStorage. 2. To allow the put(EventDataRow data) method to add the data object to the map, we need the event type (EventType). It would make sense for the event to store its type.
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Justin Smith
Level 38 , Greenfield, USA, United States
11 July 2022, 01:40
Getting this in one try feels good when you then see the average is 6.98 attempts. It's weird that they don't ask you to do a record call for the "no videos available" event type. I guess it's probably more complex than the other two and they wanted to save that for its own task? I'll find out soon...
Armand Karabou
Level 41 , Dakar, France
11 October 2020, 14:49
Help me please,, i am tied