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1. Create a BinaryRepresentationTask class. To do this, click Alt+Enter -> Create Class... on the red class name in IntelliJ IDEA. (The class must inherit RecursiveTask). The constructor's parameter is int x. 2. Implement the compute method: the number should be converted to binary.
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Justin Smith
Level 38 , Greenfield, USA, United States
20 July 2022, 00:29
Not terribly difficult to combine the existing method that works with the example on the Oracle site, but... I still have no idea what this class is doing. The explanation on Oracle explains it by relation to other classes that I also don't know, though I did get that it's a class related to working with thread-like objects. I wish that this course on multithreading focused more on teaching these Thread-related things and less on things like number formatting and operators, which are mostly covered in the previous 2 courses.