Chat (part 16)

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Now everything is ready for us to add the necessary methods to the SocketThread class. 1) Add a protected clientHandshake() throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException method. This method will represent the client to the server. It must: a) In a loop, use the connection field to receive messages.
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Shilpa nori
Level 34 , Rochester, United States
25 March, 20:02
Wow, my code was correct, but the validator would validate only if we use if else if and else. I used if if if and else and spent a lot of time trying to understand what did i do wrong🤷
Level 36 , USA
20 May 2020, 22:12
Well, this was unexpected)
Павел Артеменко
Level 41 , Krasnodar, Russian Federation
13 May 2019, 12:25
Validator not accepting switch logic in clientHandshake() and clientMainLoop(). Only if else.