Iterating through a file tree

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1. The main method is passed two arguments as inputs. The first argument is path, which is the path to the directory; the second is resultFileAbsolutePath, which is the name (full path) of an existing file that will store the result.
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Level 22 , Iasi, Romania
4 February 2022, 19:27
by looking at "the right solution" it seems to me that probably the one who wrote that is trying to impress somebody, not sure who. but what I know is this made me drop this task instead of learning something from it.
Justin Smith
Level 40 , Greenfield, USA, United States
27 July 2022, 20:13
The instructions are extremely confusing. 😕 For example, if resultFileAbsolutePath does not exist, is the code supposed to just exit, or is it then supposed to create a new file and proceed? The concept of "renaming" a file that doesn't exist doesn't really make sense, after all.