HTML Editor (part 19)

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Implement the actionPerformed(ActionEvent actionEvent) method on the view. This method is inherited from the ActionListener interface and will be called upon selection of menu items that our view has been added to as an event listener.
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Level 41 , Crefeld, Germany
7 February 2020, 13:04
There's a slight wording mistake in the detailed task descriptions. In the last section it says "controller" instead of "view". If an event with the "About" command is passed to the actionPerformed(ActionEvent actionEvent) method, the method should call showAbout() on the controller. -> This should be on the view It is correctly stated under point 19.7 - If "About", then call the showAbout() method on the view.
Level 41
10 February 2020, 09:50
Thanks, we'll fix it as soon as possible.