Caesar cipher

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Hi, Amigo. You know we're being followed. They're looking through our mail. So we need to encrypt our traffic. Implementing a Caesar cipher won't be hard for you. Let me remind you that this is simply a right-shift along the alphabet by the number of letters indicated by the key parameter.
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Justin Smith
Level 39 , Greenfield, USA, United States
22 August 2022, 14:13
Ran into an odd validator quirk with this one. You might be tempted, as I was, to put the reader argument inside a BufferedReader (i.e. BufferedReader buffReader = new BufferedReader(reader)). There is actually no reason to do this, but I did. And in testing, it work perfectly. However, the validator would not accept it. So if you're using a BufferedReader and aren't passing the last condition, that's probably why. Just use the reader - it works exactly the way you would want to use a BufferedReader for the purposes of this task.