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Analyze the classes at hand. The Generator class's newInstance method must create an Event for each new call, but the compiler currently complains about the syntax. Redo the Generator class to make the object creation work.
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Level 41 , Guatemala City, Guatemala
2 July 2021, 22:14
Just be aware that the "newInstance()" the task requires has been deprecated since Java 9
Patrick Moreland
Level 27 , Kirkland, United States
6 June 2020, 06:58
I spent way too long on this task because I didn't realize the word "Class" (uppercase C) in the conditions was referring to Java.lang.Class. I thought it was referring to Generator.
JianQiu Hwang
Level 35 , Washington
12 April 2020, 14:49
This task should be placed in lecture10, after lecture 9(Generics: ? wildcard), instead of lecture08.