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Implement the simplest possible annotation processor in the Solution class. A class is passed to the printFullyQualifiedNames and printValues methods. If this class is annotated with PrepareMyTest, you need to use the appropriate methods to display the fully qualified names and values.
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Justin Smith
Level 38 , Greenfield, USA, United States
24 February, 14:06
This is a good example of a task that would be easy if the instructions were more clear. Many other tasks have included an example of correct output, and I think that would have helped here. Since I couldn't figure out what was being asked of me, I had nowhere to begin with the coding process. I eventually looked at the solution and reasoned from there what the output should be. To make it more confusing, this task comes with a broken annotation and broken import statement for that annotation. I'm guessing these worked when the task was written, but not now. At first I thought that maybe removing these was "part of the task" but both of them are present in the solution as well. The solution as written will not compile because of this.