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Write a program that declares the following variables in the main method: String name, int age, and String city. Note: "Declaring a variable" is the same thing as "creating a variable".
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Anonymous #10935974
Level 2 , Saudi Arabia
2 March, 22:00
I added numper to the variable age and run give me true
javist Android Developer
24 February, 17:35
code entry the best for practice
Level 1
17 February, 02:41
//your choice 🤪 String name ="SIVAHACKER";//your name int age= 22;//your age String city="India";//your city name
Level 9 , India, India
16 February, 10:49
String name; int age; String city;
Vusal Mammadov
Level 2 , United States of America, United States
13 February, 04:14
String name, city; int age;