Setting the number of cats

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Write the setCatCount method. The method must set the number of cats (catCount).
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Level 6 , United States of America, United States
28 May, 14:51
OK, why am I doing this? What is the purpose? Why does it feel like I skipped over several lessons when I haven't skipped a thing?
Level 26 , San Diego, United States
7 June, 21:02
my take -- it's an introduction to the _static_ keyword where by methods and variable are associated with the Class level ... versus used in an instantiated object (Scope) that has actions performed on it. When you see new Keywords or topics introduced in Code Gym >> look up the documentation sections and Forums here .. and read Help threads ... it's Code Gyms method )
Level 3 , Macomb, United States
29 March, 14:21
can anyone help me here in understand this question
Level 3 , Edmonton, Canada
23 January, 03:48
It would be nice if there were detailed answers as to why the answer works the way it does. helpful. or videos explaining the solution for our extremely slow learners..