I'll never work for peanuts

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Using a while loop, print the quote variable on the screen one hundred times: "I'll never work for peanuts. Amigo" Display each value on a new line.
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Dazzy Lives
Level 10 , United States of America, United States
21 February, 20:18
FYI, the program incorrectly reported that the quote was not being output less than 100 times when the real issue is that I wasn't adding a new line after each print. I spent way too long messing around with my boundary values trying to figure out why it wasn't printing 100 times, but it was the entire time. Obviously I didn't read the prompt carefully enough to notice we were being asked to print a new line with each repetition but I was kind of led astray with that explanation from the wizard.
Rachit Goel Team Lead
8 December 2022, 01:43
I keep getting UNKNOWN_ERROR when I try to run my code.