Second smallest number entered

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In this task, you need to: 1. Read integers from the keyboard until something else is entered, such as a string or a character. At least two numbers must be entered. If less than two integers are entered, then terminate the program with an error. You don't need to handle this situation. 2. Display
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Henk Developer at Inovo
22 March, 06:50
once again, vague requirements. What does "If several second smallest numbers are entered, then you need to display any one of them" mean ?
Alex Tor
Level 27 , Bulgaria
14 July 2022, 06:13
I almost give up on this task, why you guys don't post more examples of what is expected from the solution?
Alex Tor
Level 27 , Bulgaria
14 July 2022, 07:27
from the current test: Be sure that the second smallest is displayed when you enter the numbers 2 2 1. how am I supposed to know which output would be correct in this case? Apparently, the JUDGE expects 2 as an output, but 2 is not a second less number, it's just a second number in a row, the second less number would be 1, but it seems JUDGE has its own logic.
Level 41
18 July 2022, 05:43
This task has an input-output example with explanations in the comments:
There may also be several minimum numbers.
Example input:
4 // Minimum number
4 // Minimum number
5 // Second smallest number
5 // Second smallest number
Example output:
Anonymous #10989168
Level 25 , Russia, Russian Federation
4 May 2022, 16:11
The task does not specify what to display if all the entered numbers are equal