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Rename the parameters of the printPersonInfo() method: - firstName to name; - lastName to surname; - favoriteDish to meal; without changing the program's functionality. Leave the variable names in the main() method unchanged.
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Level 15 , San Diego, United States
9 December 2021, 04:42
nvm -- I figured it out. // Note: align the call arguments using different 'variable' names with the method parameters also with different 'variable' names -- they look for Type match versus name match ... I think lol -- read back a few pages and you will see examples where the call argument names mismatch with the method parameters yet must have the same type. Also read about overloading ... Methods can have the same exact name with different parameter 'loads' -- the quantity of 'variables' in the method being utilized is altered to get the logic formulation spot on. Exact same method name. Also read up on _this_
Level 15 , San Diego, United States
8 December 2021, 23:09
This bombs ... what am I missing here ? See commented out code I have changed out ... ideas ? THX