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The createCrew() method displays the positions and names of the crew members on a spacecraft. To avoid any confusion inside the method, change the names of the createCrew() method's parameters to match the names of the variables passed to the method: - name1 to navigator - name2 to pilot - name3 in
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Level 22 , San Diego, United States
9 December 2021, 04:20
Look at this code very closely in the Method; and the output last line. Notice that there is > no space < in the string printout for Ringo after the position (his job). That one space out of place was a debug pain in the rear ....
Hiyo Full Stack Developer
17 January, 08:03
The code must have changed because I genuinely have no idea what you're talking about. It's literally just renaming variables in "createCrew" method parameters and within it's body. I didn't change anything else.