Smallest element of an array

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In this task, you need to: 1. Read 10 numbers from the console and use them to populate an array using the getArrayOfTenElements() method. 2. Find and return the smallest element of an array using the min(int[]) method. The min(int[]) method must use the Math.min(int, int) method.
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Abe unemployed
25 January, 00:07
actually i am more confused by the min(int[] ints) method, how does it iterate through the array to find the smallest element?
Abe unemployed
24 January, 23:59
I m lost here, specifically the main method has me confused...any explanation of what is going on would be appreciated.
Hiyo Full Stack Developer
20 January, 07:42
/* Comment has been deleted */
Level 18 , Kraków, Poland
24 January, 00:40
There could be even 100 input ints, the task only needs you to procces first 10, rest of the input doesn't matter / can be left for tests.
Level 12 , Earth, Germany
30 October 2022, 15:11
This one is impressive. Not too easy, but you need nearly everything you learned so far to solve it.