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Ankit NautiyalLevel 0 , Delhi
11 August 2018, 11:34
hai bro i am in new in this online education program please suggest me how to use
Karthik Rao K SLevel 18 , Mangalore
11 August 2018, 13:15
Hello, Ankit. The course on this website is divided across 40 exciting levels. The course consists of theoretical aspects taught in an easy manner, with the help of examples. What enhances your learning is fact that majority of the learning happens through hands-on practice. So, read the topics and solve the given associated tasks to learn and progress.
Payal guptaLevel 1 , Mumbai
10 August 2018, 09:00
i know html but have some problems on canvas in html 5
Karthik Rao K SLevel 18 , Mangalore
11 August 2018, 13:12
Sorry, Payal. This site is exclusively for Java learning, not HTML.
rosmawatiLevel 0
7 August 2018, 09:09
do you know what is html
Karthik Rao K SLevel 18 , Mangalore
7 August 2018, 09:29
Yes. HTML is a markup language used to create web pages.