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Once upon a time there lived a young Italian named Gabriele Cirulli. He was a student of programming. One day, while doing a coding exercise, he made a breakthrough in the gaming industry entirely by accident. How did he manage to do that? To complete the exercise, he chose to write a game with something similar to an existing puzzle game called "Threes". Gabriele, who named the game "2048", spent two days on its implementation. The game was free and staggeringly successful! Even if you haven't played 2048 yourself, your friends and acquaintances most likely have. Or you've seen people playing it on public transport. Remember those colorful numbered tiles that filled smartphone screens several years back? That's 2048! The game's name isn't random. 2048 is 2 raised to the 11th power. In the game, everything is based on powers of two. The rules are short and sweet: you have a 4x4 board divided into square tiles. A tile with a value of 2 (probability of 90%) or 4 (probability of 10%) appears in each round. All the tiles can be moved to one of the four sides. If two tiles with the same value "collide", they merge and the tile value doubles. The objective is to get a tile whose value is 2048. The player loses if another move is no longer possible. What's so special about the game? First of all, it's very easy to play in a browser or on a smartphone. Let's create our own version of the game right on CodeGym. Who knows? Maybe after doing this you will also accidentally invent your own wildly successful puzzle game? Carry on!
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Cute Killer
Nivel 13 , 浙江, 中国
19 abril, 17:09
John Squirrels Website Admin en CodeGym
20 abril, 10:51
Nivel 1 , Germany, Germany
26 febrero, 12:55
Nivel 1 , United States
25 diciembre 2021, 22:20
oh hi!
Nivel 1 , United States
24 noviembre 2021, 20:29
Nivel 1 , China, China
19 noviembre 2021, 01:36
Nivel 0 , Poland
27 septiembre 2021, 09:24
Lê Thanh Bình
Nivel 0 , Viet Nam
15 agosto 2021, 07:13
Nivel 0
30 junio 2021, 02:09
Nivel 0
17 junio 2021, 21:59
Nivel 20 , 泾县, China
13 marzo 2021, 15:24
I'm still unable to publish it...
Nivel 20 , 泾县, China
13 marzo 2021, 15:45
publish result is unknow!
Alex Vypirailenko Java Developer en Toshiba Global Comme
14 marzo 2021, 13:22
Please submit a question in the Help section and include your code. You can then send the link to your question to Support via support@codegym.cc
Nivel 20 , 泾县, China
14 marzo 2021, 15:00
Thank you i just comment this code on line 4 and it work
//import javafx.application.*;