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We believe that everyone can master coding skills if they do it the right way. We make learning innovative, convenient, effective, and affordable for everyone.

Our story

Learning to code should have a focus on practice, and it can be fun. Actually, anyone can learn programming — you don’t need to be a math genius, it’s enough to have an eagerness to learn. That’s what Dmytro Vezhnin, CodeGym’s co-founder and an experienced Senior Java Developer, thought of when he started to mentor people who dreamed to learn to code and drastically change their careers but couldn’t manage to create their learning path.

It was clear that there’s a whole world of those who want to master programming. So Dmytro offered Alex Yelenevych, who had the expertise in marketing, and a few pro developers to join the team and do the proper research. Soon they realized that still there weren’t any online tools to achieve the major goal: actually learn to code.

And they thought: what if they could develop a course with a brand-new approach so that anyone can get an affordable education in a convenient online format, with the self-paced education program, the right balance between theory and practice, and virtual mentoring.

So, the team commenced the development of this course.

CodeGym was founded on July 8, 2018, by the company HiTech Rush Inc. Today the company has two main offices: in Wilmington, US, and Kyiv, Ukraine.


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What our students say
about CodeGym

Growth of the global Java community
Learning solo doesn’t mean you learn alone. We aspire to develop a global community of like-minded people that help each other in mastering coding, mentoring, searching for coding projects, and establishing themselves as pro developers.
Our Core Values
Power of committed people
Each member of our team is a passionate fan of online learning and innovative techniques. Everyone who joins CodeGym aspires to bring new ideas, make a personal impact to see how it will change your training experience for the better.
Accessibility for everyone
We believe that anyone can be the architect of his own fortunes and have the will and strength to alter life for the better. Our dream is to support those bravehearts, make their way to pursuing dreams smooth, and their goals achievable.
Bias on learning through practice
You can’t learn to play the piano by reading books. Equally, you need lots of hours of practice to become confident in coding. For that reason our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive training that helps you reach the top goal — learn to program.
Passion for a fun-filled learning
We don’t like plain and boring studying and truly believe that one can learn coding in a fancy game-like method. We remove the main obstacle to learn programming — we keep you motivated and truly enjoy what you do.

Where our students work

Our Team

Dmytro Vezhnin
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer
Java dev, tech guru and inspirer, evangelist.
Alex Yelenevych
Co-founder, Chief Marketing/Product Officer
Leads the product development, responsible for the marketing strategy and growth.
Alexander Miadelets
Head of Development Department
Leads the developers’ team, which brings brand-new features to CodeGym, improves both web and mobile versions of the course.
Vasyl Malik
Head of the Content Development
Leads the team, which is responsible for tasks content of the course and backend development.
Alisa Korzh
Head of PR & Global Partnership
Curates everything brand and media related and responsible for building corporate partnership relations.
Yevhenii Simonika
Customer Support Manager
CodeGym’s customer support representative. Improves the learning experience of Chinese and English-speaking students.
Regina Naiberg
Head of Customer Support
CodeGym’s customer support representative. Improves the learning experience of French and English-speaking students.
Roman Yakushchenko
Sales Team Leader
Manages the sales team at CodeGym Java University and turns leads into satisfied customers.
Olga Hildebrandt
Customer Support Manager
CodeGym’s customer support representative. Improves the learning experience of German and English-speaking students.

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