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Apa yang Anda dapat dengan langganan Premium? Langganan Premium
  • Akses ke semua quest CodeGym
    CodeGym menawarkan beberapa quest: Sintaks Java, Inti Java, Koleksi Java, dan Multithreading. Quest tersebut merupakan kursus yang dirancang dengan baik, yang mencakup semua aspek utama Java. Anda akan menemukan lebih dari 500 pelajaran singkat dan 1.200 tugas praktik
  • Plugin IntelliJ IDEA
    Kami mengajari siswa untuk menulis kode dalam IntelliJ IDEA, salah satu IDE paling populer dan nyaman untuk Java. Untuk mempermudah pekerjaan Anda, kami menyediakan plugin CodeGym untuk IntelliJ IDEA. Plugin ini memungkinkan Anda mengambil tugas dengan hanya dua klik, dan mengirimnya untuk diverifikasi dengan sekali klik!
  • Persyaratan tugas
    Apa yang salah kali ini? Di mana letak kesalahan saya? Kenapa solusi saya tidak bekerja dengan benar? Dapatkan jawaban dari pertanyaan ini dari indikator status untuk setiap persyaratan tugas. Setelah mengirim solusi untuk diverifikasi, Anda akan melihat persyaratan tugas mana yang telah tercapai dan mana yang belum.
  • Rekomendasi tugas
    Rekomendasi tugas didasarkan pada analisis terhadap puluhan ribu kesalahan yang dibuat oleh siswa CodeGym sebelumnya. Saat sistem kami mengenali sebuah kesalahan, Anda akan mendapatkan rekomendasi secara otomatis dari programmer yang membuat tugas. Itu seperti belajar bersama mentor pribadi.
  • Verifikasi tugas instan
    Di kursus konvensional, pengajar kewalahan dengan banyaknya jumlah siswa yang mengambil program. Pengajar memiliki keterbatasan kemampuan fisik sehingga tak bisa memeriksa semua hal dengan teliti. Siswa harus menunggu terlalu lama! CodeGym mengatasi masalah tersebut: validator kami memeriksa solusi Anda secara instan. Cukup klik tombol verifikasi, dan dalam beberapa detik Anda akan tahu apakah solusi Anda sudah benar. Jika membuat kesalahan, Anda bisa melihat daftar persyaratan dan rekomendasi tentang hal yang perlu diperbaiki dari solusi Anda.
  • Mini-project
    Cukup sulit bagi pemula untuk menulis satu program yang besar, karena mereka tak tahu harus bagaimana untuk mengerjakannya. Karena itu kami menciptakan mini-project yang terdiri dari 15-20 subtugas. Setiap subtugas memiliki petunjuk mendetail tentang apa yang harus dilakukan. Ini memberikan Anda pengalaman dalam mengembangkan aplikasi yang cukup kompleks. Misalnya, Anda akan membuat game sederhana, sistem chatting online, sistem otomatisasi restoran, dan masih banyak lagi.
  • Tugas bonus
    Tugas untuk calon programmer hebat! Tugas ini lebih sulit dari tugas biasa dan memerlukan lebih banyak waktu dan usaha, meskipun Anda dapat dengan mudah memahami materi kursus lainnya. Tugas bonus didedikasikan untuk mengupas algoritme, pola, dan topik lain yang dianggap sulit oleh kebanyakan orang.
Get more features with a Premium Mentor subscription Premium Mentor subscription
One year course at Java University
  • Opportunity to become a Java developer from scratch
    The course consists of five training modules lasting from one and a half to three months. At the end of each module, there are final projects under the guidance of a mentor. The course program includes the basics of Java (materials of four quests of the JavaRush course) + modules on databases, Spring and Spring Boot.
  • Regular homework
    After each online class, students do their homework: they give lectures and solve problems with automatic verification in a separate JavaRush quest, which is available only to students of the annual training program.
  • Private chat support
    Each group on the course has its private Slack chat, in which course mentors and support specialists answer student questions, publish additional tasks for those ahead of the curriculum, publish materials from past video lectures, and all the necessary information about upcoming classes.
  • Group online classes with mentors
    The 12 Month Java Developer course includes online classes with experienced Java mentors. Lectures are held twice a week for two hours. On them, teachers explain to students a new theory, analyze difficult moments from homework, and answer students' questions.
  • Implementation and verification of final projects
    In addition to homework after each lecture, the logical conclusion of each module is the implementation of a practical project under the guidance of a mentor, which will help consolidate the skills. So, well, do something cool!
  • Course Completion Certificate
    We are 100% convinced that students who complete all training modules, complete all homework assignments, and defend all final projects are ready-made juniors. Therefore, upon graduation, we issue a diploma that confirms qualifications and helps create a resume that will allow graduates to find a job.
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Karthik Rao K S
Level 18 , Mangalore, India
1 Agustus 2018, 15:59
I have visited numerous websites and applications that claim to teach Java in the best way possible. But Code Gym stands out of all those websites; because it does what it claims to do. The simplest to the most complex of topics of Java are explained in layman terms so that anyone irrespective of their educational background can learn, practice, and master Java. A major thumbs up to you, Code Gym!
Anonymous #11357650
Level 2 , Kenya
18 Juni 2023, 09:06
But me I am not understanding why
Anonymous #11356534
Level 2 , South Africa
27 Juni 2023, 14:32
mmmh i think you need to be a little bit serious and dedicate more time to practice and learning
30 Juli 2019, 02:57
Just this morning I posted in another part that I would not be able to pay for the course. I've been around for 12 levels and I've definitely loved it. There is a saying that I've tried to stick to ever since I saw it: "empty your pockets to fill your mind, for once there will come a time where your mind will fill your pockets" I've got the money from a very close person and plan to take full advantage of the course. Happy coding, everyone!
Akash gupta
Level 1 , Sri Dungargarh, India
25 April 2019, 15:47
System.out.println("Awesome mehtod of teaching programming. I really appreciate it.");
慢就是快 Enterprise Java Developer
28 Oktober 2021, 02:12
method :)
7 Desember 2023, 10:11
17 April, 11:48
Tara Edwards
Level 6 , United States
26 Juli 2019, 12:56
I'm reluctantly transitioning from manual testing to test automation. I've started a lot of java courses online and this is the first time I feel like I might actually be "getting it"!
13 April, 01:23
18 April, 03:12
Level 25 , Yahil'nytsya, Ukraine
31 Juli 2019, 10:07
Thank you for this course, thank you for the work you have done. Since the theory, enshrined in a large practice, is a big plus of this course. Good luck to all. P.S. We are waiting for additions to the course
7 Desember 2023, 10:11
Level 27 , Chongqing, China
7 Juli 2019, 19:51
Absolutely love this website and its tutorial! I used to have a C class in university, but the professor is too dull and boring to pay attention to, I just skipped the whole course. But I passed the exam cuz I practice a lot, so I know that in programming, practice matter. And when I want to learn Java and found here...jeez, 80% practice, that's what makes you success, couldn't agree more.
Itgelsaikhan Enkhtur
Level 7 , Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
25 Desember 2019, 13:08
Hello Tangerin. Can you say me please if I buy Premium account for one month it will contain all 40 levels? I want to finish all 40 lelvels but I can just buy one month Premium account. I saw that you loved this course site. Please answer me.
Maciej Blankenburg Java Developer
18 November 2022, 02:18
no, it is impossible, 12000 exercise even for me who is junior java developer is impossible in one month
Level 1 , Germany, Germany
24 November 2022, 06:31
Tangerin, you've said it all😅
hidden #11339738
Level 9
23 Mei 2023, 04:07
12000? Actually, the real figure is 1200 exercises. Which is still challenging in one month.
Kumar Vishal
Level 6 , India
1 Agustus 2018, 21:11
Something new... The story based approach is what i like the most and at each step there are exercises after a brief lesson which makes it more intriguing. Thanks a lot for such a step.
Level 3 , Chennai, India
22 Oktober 2018, 08:37
This is really helpful. It is so different from Udemy lessons. All the task actually make me think a lot.....
Level 3
2 Agustus 2018, 07:22
awesome way of teaching
16 April, 10:41
Michael Coleman
Level 8 , South Carolina, United States
3 Juni 2019, 05:53
I never thought coding was possible for me, but, so far, this program has been easy to understand and use. My only request would be to be able to see the best possible solution after getting a solution right, given that there are multiple ways to solve each task.
16 April, 10:42