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20 maja 2020, 15:46
Hello, I have a question! How long did it take you to finish code gym and all the tasks? And if you want, can you tell me if code gym helped you to get a job in the IT field. Sorry if I was a little nosey but I see on your profile that you have finished all the task. Best regards, Teodor! Code well!
Poziom 41 , Crefeld, Germany
20 maja 2020, 20:22
Hi Teodor, yes, you're right - I've finished all CodeGym quests and tasks - and yes, I'm pretty sure that the CodeGym tasks and curriculum will make it a lot easier to find a job in IT since it will allow you to gain quite a number of essential programming skills that you will need to have as an IT professional. It took me about three months, but I'd say that everything between three months and a year is pretty good. It's not a race anyway, and it's also important to enjoy the journey. ;-) I hope you'll too enjoy the ups and downs. If you'd like to read a little more about my experiences with CodeGym, you're welcome to take a further look here: https://codegym.cc/groups/posts/237-how-java-helps-to-run-an-airport-and-how-you-can-help-to-improve-life-in-the-21st-century Cheers Seb
Chang You
Poziom 47 , Santa Rosa, United States
27 grudnia 2020, 17:42
Hi, thanks for the great article. Can I ask how many time commitment per day/week you put in to finish in 3 months? Thanks!
Poziom 41 , Crefeld, Germany
28 stycznia 2021, 23:54
Hi Chang, nice to hear you like my article. :-) I did put in quite a number of hours on a pretty consistent, almost daily basis for about three months. The course really covers a lot of material - and it’s probably a fair estimate that students going through it will gain around 300 to 500+ hours of coding experience. :-) Looks like you made it all the way up to level 41 as well. That’s fantastic! Congratulations! ;-)