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Daniel WalboltPoziom 20 , Waterville
yesterday, 10:20
Looking for a future as either a desktop app developer or a server side back-end developer. With maybe a hobby as a game developer. So many questions, and the more answers the merrier! 1. What are estimates of when CodeGym will finish Hibernate, JSP, and SQL questlines? 2. Is SQL still relevant? SQL injection is extremely harmful to companies, and many have lost user data from it. What are your thoughts? 3. Spring. Like Java EE, it is CRUCIAL to becoming a back end developer, or even just an employable developer in the current business market. How do you think we (CodeGym users) should learn the Spring framework if CodeGym does not offer it (or Java EE) 4. What is the importance, in your opinion, of Oracle Certification. How much does this course set you up for the level needed to get certification? 5. I'm young, 17, and literally can not find (not that I need) a job that would even consider a 17/18 year old as an employee. How would someone like me get a job as an intern or otherwise in a Java company? Even if I had all the knowledge of a normal bachelor's graduate, would it be possible? Furthermore, what would be a viable CAREER PATH for becoming a senior Java developer (not companies, job descriptions)? My last words are that I really want this website to be a solid foundation for Java Core and Java EE level programming. This course is still in development of course, but I really see this course striving when it offers the knowledge modern day companies are asking for (for cheap compared to college education). Seriously, my college books for one semester would cost more than this course does for 6 months, and that doesn't even include the cost of registration.
Annemarie Poziom 2 , Berlin
day before yesterday, 18:07
Hey! Ich bin jetzt in Level zwei und habe keine dunkle Energie mehr, um weiter zu kommen. Alle Übungen, bei denen ich welche sammeln könnte, erfordern einen Premiumzugang. Ist es vielleicht auch möglich im Kurs weiter zu kommen ohne solch einen Premiumzugang?
Tomasz MuniakPoziom 0
24 lipca, 18:13
Please more Polish language :) Course is great !!
D CzPoziom 0
19 lipca, 15:51
Where is Python ?
John SquirrelsPoziom 41 , Richmond
20 lipca, 05:51
We do not have a Python course.
陈盛英Poziom 20 , Zhanjiang
7 czerwca, 15:47
What to do if the final mission at level 20 is not available.
John SquirrelsPoziom 41 , Richmond
11 czerwca, 06:11
Please contact Support via support@codegym.cc or the chat widget at the bottom right.
chaimaePoziom 2 , oujda
3 czerwca, 13:42
hey , i had finished the first lesson , how could i move to the next one ?
ReginaPoziom 41 , Florida
4 czerwca, 15:54
After covering all the lectures and tasks on level 0, you switch to level 1 automatically. In this case, the subscription is required.
ArshdeepPoziom 6 , Not in list
21 maja, 22:28
when you will be adding spring and hibernate courses?
John SquirrelsPoziom 41 , Richmond
22 maja, 07:48
It is hard to say when these new quests will become available. We don’t want to give any false promises, so we do not provide any time frames for the release. The development of these quests is much more complex than the previous ones, so we will only release them once we are satisfied with their content and quality.
7 kwietnia, 09:37
can i learn python on this site
John SquirrelsPoziom 41 , Richmond
7 kwietnia, 22:15
Unfortunately, not. We only have a Java course.
Nzo “NZ0” Bl1Poziom 2 , Erquy
27 marca, 23:01
J'ai une question : je n'ai plus de matière grise et je n'ai acheté aucun abonnement, je voudrais donc savoir comment avoir de la matière grise gratuitement.
John SquirrelsPoziom 41 , Richmond
27 marca, 23:37
You can only earn dark matter by completing tasks. The tasks from level 1 are only available with a subscription.
Mihai Daniel BonePoziom 9 , Bucharest
24 lutego, 08:14
One quick question: I'm level 8 and i have a lot of dark matter(235) there is any use for it later ?
John SquirrelsPoziom 41 , Richmond
26 lutego, 09:04
You just need it to go to the next lesson/level. Can't do anything else with it.