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envyPoziom 4 4
20 stycznia, 04:53
I am trying to identify the jdk 8 to download for a windows 10 32 bit system and unable to find teh archive in Orace. Can someone help me with the right package to download?
John SquirrelsPoziom 41 41
20 stycznia, 06:25
envyPoziom 4 4
piątek, 00:27
I have visited this page through my Oracle account and dont see any jdk8 package for 32 bit OS.
John SquirrelsPoziom 41 41
piątek, 12:23
9 stycznia, 02:05
I am studying java. I have some problems to continue my study, because the study condition says that I should change the code. But I can not find the code. Do I have a textbook which has the code that I can reference to ?
John SquirrelsPoziom 41 41
9 stycznia, 12:35
Please contact Support via support@codegym.cc
23 października 2020, 11:23
any courses you could recomend on gui and the other stuff cause ive made some gui in python but im not so sure about in java
22 października 2020, 15:03
do you have any stuff about gui and hitboxes and graphics in your lessons
John SquirrelsPoziom 41 41
23 października 2020, 04:23
Not really.
Annemarie Poziom 2 2
8 sierpnia 2020, 18:07
Hey! Ich bin jetzt in Level zwei und habe keine dunkle Energie mehr, um weiter zu kommen. Alle Übungen, bei denen ich welche sammeln könnte, erfordern einen Premiumzugang. Ist es vielleicht auch möglich im Kurs weiter zu kommen ohne solch einen Premiumzugang?
John SquirrelsPoziom 41 41
10 sierpnia 2020, 15:06
Hi, You will need a subscription in order to continue.
Massimo LorenziPoziom 2 2
20 października 2020, 18:01
how can i subscribe if every time i try to access it tells me that the password is wrong, and when i try to change it it tells me that for the requested e-mail address it already exists. Is it possible to reset the password?
Tomasz MuniakPoziom 0 0
24 lipca 2020, 18:13
Please more Polish language :) Course is great !!
D CzPoziom 0 0
19 lipca 2020, 15:51
Where is Python ?
John SquirrelsPoziom 41 41
20 lipca 2020, 05:51
We do not have a Python course.
陈盛英Poziom 20 20
7 czerwca 2020, 15:47
What to do if the final mission at level 20 is not available.
John SquirrelsPoziom 41 41
11 czerwca 2020, 06:11
Please contact Support via support@codegym.cc or the chat widget at the bottom right.
chaimaePoziom 2 2
3 czerwca 2020, 13:42
hey , i had finished the first lesson , how could i move to the next one ?
ReginaPoziom 41 41
4 czerwca 2020, 15:54
After covering all the lectures and tasks on level 0, you switch to level 1 automatically. In this case, the subscription is required.
ArshdeepPoziom 6 6
21 maja 2020, 22:28
when you will be adding spring and hibernate courses?
John SquirrelsPoziom 41 41
22 maja 2020, 07:48
It is hard to say when these new quests will become available. We don’t want to give any false promises, so we do not provide any time frames for the release. The development of these quests is much more complex than the previous ones, so we will only release them once we are satisfied with their content and quality.