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If you think the most successful computer game is one of the multi-million dollar blockbusters of recent years, you're mistaken! This honor goes to the good old (well, good in its own way) Space Invaders, which has brought developers roughly 10 billion dollars in inflation-adjusted profits. It had a huge impact not only on the video game industry, but also on pop culture: even if you've never played Space Invaders, you would probably recognize the shapes of the invaders and the brave spaceship standing against them in the starry cosmos. It was back in 1978 that the game appeared on arcade machines, telling the story of a lone pilot who repulses hordes of aggressive crab-like aliens. Since then, it has spawned oodles of new editions on every imaginable platform and saved the Atari 2600. Today the latest versions have been released for Android and iOS. Now it's your turn! Write your own version of Space invaders right here on CodeGym under the watchful supervision of our senior developers. Your game will be similar to the classic version: set in outer space, with cute 8-bit graphics, the ability to shoot at belligerent invaders, both the rank-and-file and the "generals" who lurk behind them, and the ability to evade enemy fire by dodging left and right. The player must fight until he or she kills all the ordinary aliens and the boss. Or until he or she is struck down by an alien blast. We aren't looking for an easy way out. That's why our version will be harder than the original: the player gets only one life.
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Poziom 1 , United States
21 lutego, 02:35
Poziom 1 , United States
15 stycznia, 17:35
it my game
Anonymous #11001524 Pracuje w United States Air Fo
20 maja, 20:27
Poziom 1 , United States
23 maja, 20:37
yo just like scratch all the lies not saying ur one
Anonymous #11001524 Pracuje w United States Air Fo
23 maja, 23:48
Poziom 1 , United States
12 grudnia 2021, 21:18
why cant i play
Anonymous #11001524 Pracuje w United States Air Fo
20 maja, 20:27
skill issue sadly
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24 października 2021, 16:50
Super gierka
Poziom 0 , United States
16 września 2021, 14:06
Poziom 0 , United States
16 września 2021, 14:06
Denys Android Developer
30 kwietnia 2021, 20:21
If you have problems with 29 level's "The nextFrame() method must call the superclass's nextFrame() method if the remainder of frameCount divided by 10 is equal to zero or the boss is dead.", rewrite the nextFrame method in a superclass.
Anonymous #11001524 Pracuje w United States Air Fo
20 maja, 23:14
thanks gang
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18 lutego 2021, 11:56
Anonymous #11001524 Pracuje w United States Air Fo
20 maja, 19:52
Mae Cauguiran
Poziom 0
29 września 2020, 10:52
can someone please help me?
Володя Пылыпенко
Poziom 0 , Полтава , Украина
25 lutego 2020, 12:26
Добрый день всем кто здесь работает