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Having doubts that you'll be able to become a programmer? Join the "Success Stories" group! Here CodeGym students and graduates talk about how they've been able to find work. And maybe some day you'll share your own story here?
Everything about anything. In our group, you'll find interesting articles about every aspect of the IT industry, e.g. programming, gadgets, technologies, and new trends. This is a place where you can not only study, but also relax. IT-related humor, articles about famous programmers, and discussions about IT or any other topic.
Welcome to the CodeGym student group! This is the largest venue for discussing the website and everything related to learning — theory, tasks, and interview questions. Our group publishes the website's latest news, including information about contests and special promotions.
Are you a Java learner from Poland? Then welcome to this group. Here you will find the news and updates in Polish version of CodeGym. Feel free to share here your own posts in Polish about learning Java, programming and career.
Join this group if you are a Java learner who lives in the US. Here you will find the news and updates of CodeGym. Feel free to use this group for sharing your own posts in English about learning Java, programming in Java and IT career.
We all love Java here! We're sure you'll love it too once you dive deep into Java and learn this language's true possibilities! Join us! This group features articles and news about Java, and information about what it's like to be a Java programmer. Get answers to your questions and much more.
Welcome to the online course with a mentor "Java Developer Profession". This course is a part of CodeGym University program. It is designed for learners from India. Here you you can become a job-ready Java Programmer.
Do you live in Germany and learn Java? Then join this group. Here you will find the news and information about German CodeGym version updates. Feel free to share here your own Java-related posts in German about learning, programming and career.
Join this group if you live in France and learn Java! Here you will find news and information on French CodeGym version updates. Feel free to write your own Java related posts in French about learning, programming and IT career.
Wanna develop mobile apps? Or maybe you already have a basic understanding of this field? Join this group to get the latest information about Android development. Don't hesitate to ask questions, discuss answers, or simply interact with other Android enthusiasts.
Planning to work or already working as a programmer/tester, but working for the man isn't for you? Do you like to travel? Don't want to be tied to an office even for a high salary? Join the freelancer community on CodeGym. Read interesting articles and mingle with like-minded people.