Anyone can become a programmer! It’s all down to the right approach to learning. And we’ve found it :)

About the project

Hey! We’re excited to see you on CodeGym. It is an online course for learning Java programming from scratch. You’re probably curious about who we are and what we can do for you. Well, let's get down to business :)

The concept of the project appeared in 2012. At that time there were already lots of coding bootcamps and private tutors but not many of them were capable of making students confident in coding. Meanwhile, we’ve always known that the most important thing in learning programming is practice.

One day we wondered: what if we create a course that would help people learn Java programming in the same manner the tutor does but in a convenient online mode? So that anyone could easily devote to learning as much time as he needs and adjust a self-paced training path.

And that’s how CodeGym’s forerunner project appeared. In a few years, it has grown up to a large Java community for users from Eastern Europe, CIS, and many other countries.

In 2018 we thought that it’s time to go global with our interactive and practical Java course and launched CodeGym in English.

Our goal is your employment

To develop your programming skills and the ability to think in the "right" way, you'll need 500-1000 hours of practice. The CodeGym course was created specifically to give you this experience.

Our learning course is a tool for you to reach a major goal and become a Java developer. It will help you overcome the key challenges:

  1. Master Java fundamentals and become confident in programming even if you’re totally new to coding.
  2. Stay motivated till the end of your training despite that it’s sometimes hard to learn on a regular basis and not to stop halfway.
  3. Learn to code in a fancy way, if you’re convinced that thick books and endless video tutorials won’t help you become a programmer.

CodeGym is not only the Java learning platform but the global Java community

Today CodeGym is boosting rapidly. There are more than 300 thousands of users from 187 countries all over the world.

You will find like-minded fellows here:

  • Forum for any discussions about learning experience or programming career
  • Chat for communicating with other users
  • Groups for reading and posting articles about programming, job search, and personal experience

About the team

We are always here for you! Our team assists students in solving the course tasks and actively participates in forum discussions. If you have any questions concerning the course, don't hesitate to contact our Support team any time you need.

Over several years, our team has increased from 5 to 40 people, and this is just a beginning. Every day we do our best to improve the course and plan the release of new features for the year ahead.

We know for sure that education should be fascinating, motivating and have a strong emphasis on practice. After all, we do have team members who learned Java programming the same way :)

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