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Learn Java Online

in a Fun Way
You can code. No matter your age, previous knowledge, or origin. It's like riding a bicycle: all you need is to practice. And CodeGym, the online Java programming course, is your bicycle with training wheels. Practice in Java coding without pressure, at your pace, from the first lessons. Try to learn Java with us!
Java IDE online
Java IDE online

What is learning Java
with CodeGym be like?

You get an exciting training experience
CodeGym isn’t just a learning course, it’s a game. You upgrade your “player character” to new levels, open new quests, and get achievements. Once you start, you move towards the destination point – Yourself as a Coding Pro.
learning Java
Get the personalized training program based on your preferences
Read bite-sized lectures about Java programming theory
Write code from the beginning, and get an immediate check of your solutions
Write programs that solve real-world problems, and fun games

Why learn programming
with CodeGym

Choose the convenient
mode of your training
Self-paced training
The complete Java programming course with lectures and coding tasks – from simple programs to mini-projects (job aggregator, restaurant order processing application, games)
Instant verification of your solutions via CodeGym plugin (our coding tool)
Hints for solving problems and improving code style
Practice with professional programmer tools from the first lesson
Support from community and CodeGym development team: Help, Chat, and Forum sections
The ability to study on a PC and in Android application
The possibility to set up an individual training schedule
Achievements for your training progress and user rankings to keep you motivated
Learning in a group with live mentorship
Courses with a focus on mastering the developer’s profession
Courses that include a breakdown of the basics of programming, an in-depth study of Java and Android development, as well as professional tools and frameworks necessary for getting your first job as a programmer
Online classes with mentors – experienced developers – twice a week
Homework assignments with instant verification and large final coding projects
Daily support and advice from mentors and curators of the course in a private group chat
Upon completion of the courses - a certificate confirming knowledge and qualifications, as well as assistance in compiling a resume and preparing for the first interviews

Why is Java a win-win option for learning to program?

It might be the best choice for a career in tech
According to Glassdoor, a median salary of a Java programmer in the U.S. is $100 000 per year. Java developers are one of the highest-paid specialists in the global IT industry.
Java programmers can work anywhere: 80% of Fortune 500 companies utilize Java in their services, and it’s widely used in e-commerce, fintech, and other industries.
Java programming allows you to be in touch with newest developments in the tech sphere, as Java creators improve it and add useful features regularly. Java has everything that modern projects need.
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