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Free Java Course For Higher Ed Needs

The CodeGym team is confident in the bright future
of Java and online education. We choose to demonstrate this through actions rather than words. We stand for the availability of quality education and teaching materials. That is why we decided to give access to our complete course to high school, college and university students
for free.

Full access.
Free for Higher Ed students.

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What is CodeGym?

CodeGym is an interactive practice-oriented Java programming course. The course is valuable for absolute beginners as well as software developers who want to expand their skills. We use compelling teaching techniques — visualization, storytelling, games, etc.
— to make learning more effective and fun.

What you’ll get with CodeGym for Higher Ed

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Private Group for Class Participants

We create a private group for class
participants where we connect the
accounts of all the students in your class.
Only students from the class have access
to it. You can add or exclude students from
a group at any time.
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Virtual Mentor

Students' answers are verified by a virtual mentor instantly. The system provides suggestions concerning solutions, helps fix mistakes, and produces a clear list
of requirements regarding what you need
to do.
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Class Progress Monitoring

The course provides educators with a tool
to track the progress of each student
in a group or class and to track students’
progress across course levels.
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Class Leaderboard

All students in the course or class are
displayed in the overall ranking. The rating
of group members is based on each
student’s leveland how many levels the
student passed.
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Articles and Comments

All members of a private group can create articles that others can discuss and
comment on. When a new article is posted,
all group members are notified. The new
article can include learning materials
or task discussions.
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Privacy and Security

Only group members can view the
group’s members’ list, their personal data,
and completed tasks. At the same time, students can use the help section, useful articles, tips and other practical features
within the course.

Who can this be useful for?

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High Schools

The course is perfect for high school students who are interested
in a profession in IT or to help students figure out where their interests lie and what they would like to do in life.
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The course is an excellent training platform in Java coding skills for students preparing for a future job
in Computer Science and Programming.
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CodeGym allows students
to experience the full power of Java Core for free, giving them the opportunity to get as much practice
as possible.

Who already uses CodeGym for Higher Ed

learning groups
countries worldwide

What Educators say
about CodeGym for Higher Ed

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Over 500h of Java Practice

CodeGym includes 1200 practical tasks, starting from the very first lesson, and a total of 500+ hours of Java practice.

Full Core Java Theory

The course contains 600 short Core Java lectures. Each
of them covers a single topic so that the student can remain focused.

Exciting Learning Techniques

Visualization, storytelling, gamification, and two dozen other modern learning techniques are used Meanwhile, jokes and nerd breaks make the learning process more entertaining.

Strong Java Community

A large community of like-minded students is always a few clicks away to help you when you are really stuck and having trouble understanding something.

IntelliJIDEA Integration

CodeGym is integrated with one of the most popular modern Java IDEs — IntelliJ IDEA — via a special plugin for IDEA. All students can complete CodeGym tasks directly in IDEA.

Personal Virtual Mentor

Every task is verified by a virtual mentor and students get
a detailed step-by-step description of a problem’s conditions, as well as tips and hints for solutions if students get stuck.

Frequently asked questions

This course is targeted to benefit students in what age range?

Despite the gamification and storytelling, the course is quite complex and includes a lot of theory and challenging practice tasks. It is best suited for ages 15 to 99+.

What prior level of programming knowledge is required to take this course?

The course is designed for people who are new to Java. It is fully adapted for beginners.

What is the training process?

Upon the professor’s request, we create a private group for every class/school/course on the CodeGym.cc website. This group is only accessible to its members. The minimum number of students to create a group is 5 people. The maximum number of students that can take part in the program is 24 students per school/college/university.

Each student has an individual account and gets access to the full functionality of CodeGym.cc. The course is also available on the Android app.

In a private group, everyone has access to the Leaderboard, which displays students’ ratings, based on their level and the number of completed tasks. The options for creating articles and commenting are also available.

Is access to the entire course free?

Yes, for students of educational institutions CodeGym provides access to the complete course free of charge.

For how long?

Students receive a free 6-month Premium subscription. After 6 months, access to solving practical tasks is closed. The issue of prolonging a subscription is considered on a case-by-case basis.

How do I create a private class group and allow access?

To take part in the program and create a private group for a school/ class/ course, a professor/ lecturer/course coordinator must provide his/her contact information in the form below and our manager will get in touch asap. The responsible person also can leave a request at edu@codegym.cc.

Which countries can participate in the CodeGym for EDU campaign?

During the first stage, our educational program extends to countries such as:

Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kindom, United States.

In the future, the list of countries may be expanded.


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