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This course is designed for Secondary Education needs and can help you
Improve your Computer Science literacy & programming skills as a teacher
Improve your Computer Science literacy & programming skills as a teacher
Passing AP CS A Exam
Prepare your students for passing AP CS A Exam
Teach your students the programming basics
Teach your students the programming basics as a part of Robotics, CTE, STEM, coding clubs and contests, or preparation for Java Foundations 1Z0-811 exam
What is CodeGym?
CodeGym is an interactive practice-oriented Java programming course. The course is valuable for absolute beginners as well as software developers who want to expand their skills. We use compelling teaching techniques — visualization, storytelling, games, etc.
— to make learning more effective and fun.
CodeGym provides you
with virtual classroom space
Private Group for Class Participants
Private Group for Class Participants
We create a private group for class participants where we connect the accounts of all the students in your class. Only students from the class have access to it. You can add or exclude students from a group at any time.
Private Group Icon
Class Progress Monitoring
The course provides educators with a tool to track the progress of each student in a group or class and to track students’ progress across course levels.
Private Group Icon
Articles and Comments
All members of a private group can create articles that others can discuss and comment on. When a new article is posted, all group members are notified. The new article can include learning materials or task discussions.
Virtual Mentor
Virtual Mentor
Students' answers are verified by a virtual mentor instantly. The system provides suggestions concerning solutions, helps fix mistakes, and produces a clear list of requirements regarding what you need to do.
Class Leaderboard
Class Leaderboard
All students in the course or class are displayed in the overall ranking. The rating of group members is based on each student’s level and how many levels the student passed.
Privacy and Security
Privacy and Security
Only group members can view the group’s members’ list, their personal data, and completed tasks. At the same time, students can use the help section, useful articles, tips, and other practical features within the course.
This course will help you succeed in the following
Gaining professional development
Gaining professional development
CodeGym course is helpful for first-time CS teachers. You can gain basic knowledge in programming, upgrade your CS literacy and programming skills.
Prepare students for AP CS A Exam
Prepare students
for AP CS A Exam
The training program of the course is designed in the way that will help your students gain the required knowledge for succeeding in AP CS A Exam.
Train students for coding competitions
Train students
for coding competitions
CodeGym is an engaging, practice-packed course, where students will learn programming fundamentals step by step and begin coding from the start.
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What will your students have access to?
Over 500h of Java Practice
CodeGym includes 1200 practical tasks, starting from the very first lesson, and total of 500+ hours of Java practice.
Full Core Java Theory
The course contains 600 short Core Java lectures. Each of them covers a single topic so that the student can remain focused.
Exciting Learning Techniques
Visualization, storytelling, gamification, and two dozen other modern learning techniques are used Meanwhile, jokes and nerd breaks make the learning process more entertaining.
Step-by-step learning
Well structured training program on the basics of Java programming with a focus on coding practice from the first lessons.
IntelliJIDEA Integration
CodeGym is integrated with one of the most popular modern Java IDEs— IntelliJ IDEA — via a special plugin for IDEA. All students can complete CodeGym tasks directly in IDEA.
Personal Virtual Mentor
Every task is verified by a virtual mentor and students get a detailed step-by-step description of a problem’s conditions, as well as tips and hints for solutions if students get stuck.
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