code works and CG is nitpicking, wanting to see that one special thing they don't talk about in their descriptions. What about here. I'm reading the zip archive. So what is the problem? Do they ask to read the zips content into memory? Do they just want me to try to validate more than 100 times? The FileTree task already drove me crazy (rally this time). It's about nio and they ask for File. Then lambdas don't work on their server, next type inference throws errors on CG box. Renaming has to be done right away otherwise you're in validation hell. After 30 tries I added a linebreak between written file contents and finally it worked. Why can't they just say 'we want to see things exactly this or that way... to the POINT'. This pisses me off big time. Sorry guys 😜🤪 Oh, I just see that CG is using the version where I commented out the try block to see if that is the problem. So don't mind the missing close calls.