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Total beginner!

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It is really nice to be able to share my experience with all of you, who are just starting to learn JAVA. Total beginner!  - 1 For me, this was a new world, as I graduated in International Relations and Foreign Trade. But as a stay at home mother, I was looking for an opportunity to start making money and still be able to stay at home, something I would not be able as a business intelligence officer (my former job). I started to watch some Youtube videos, but they almost made me quit. Most videos say they are for beginners, but they assume you have some tech background, and this was not my case. Most say you have to learn 20% theory and 80% practice but if you don´t know what you are doing, how can you practice it? But all those tutorials and books helped me get the theoretical knowledge I needed and got me interested in technology, something new for me. Finally, in one add I came across Code Gym and it changed everything for me! This platform finally made sense of everything I had read, and I was finally able to practice what I had read before, and with examples that make sense and don´t just throw you into the little joke of "Hello World" that, for me, was frustrating. The way this course is organized, and the story behind it, totally makes sense for a beginner like me and now I am able to write my own code, but also understand any other code that is written. I am now in the middle of the course and I am very excited to learn about frameworks and hopefully become a Java certified developer. Code Gym is definitely the best investment I could have done in my learning pathway. I hope you enjoy this journey too!
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27 April 2020, 19:13
cool then l like get that moment quickly
24 April 2020, 19:26
have u ever feel that its boring and frustatung my mind >>>>>>~how you handle that situation
Michał Pietrus
Level 33 , Krakow, Poland
26 April 2020, 11:10
after you learn the basics it stops being boring and frustrating (atleast most of the time)
Level 41 , Guatemala City, Guatemala
11 May 2020, 22:52
Take some time, enjoy what you are learning and don´t try to compete with anybody but yourself, and I warantee you, you will not get bored. If a task frustrates you, take a moment off and with a fresh mind you can continue...