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You Won’t Get Bored! How Codegym Turns Learning Java Into a Game

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Today, in 2021, online education has become very common globally, and quite rightfully so. The benefits of learning on the Internet as opposed to getting an offline education in a traditional way are well-known and rather obvious. One of the major perks of this model is that the Internet gives both students and educators so many options how to approach the learning process and adjust it to achieve the best possible result. The fact that gamification of a learning course is a great way to improve the efficiency of the educational process has been known long before CodeGym, of course. What we did is applied this approach to learning how to code. And created a perfect gamified Java learning course as a result. You Won’t Get Bored! How Codegym Turns Learning Java Into a Game - 1It’s quite simple really. Turning a course full of largely complex information into a game helps you trick your mind into viewing this activity as something fun, easy, and entertaining.

Why gamification in CodeGym matters

This is exactly why we have put our original Java learning course, well-structured and proven to be effective as it was, in a form of a web browser game that our users are able to enjoy today. Gamification is one of the main reasons CodeGym is a leading online Java course. It turns a hard process into an interactive and exciting activity, while also steadily pushing you towards your goal (which is to learn Java, obviously). Wondering how exactly turning an online Java course into a game will help you learn programming from scratch on a proficient enough level to get an actual job? CodeGym makes this mission an easy one and encourages you on the way to success, from the very first step to the finish. Here’s how.

CodeGym course = interactive adventure in a futuristic world

First and foremost, CodeGym is not just an online Java course. No, no, no. It has an actual story, which takes place in a fun futuristic world with its own history and memorable characters. The main character that you need to “upgrade” is Amigo the robot, who learns programming from scratch. And CodeGym’s universe, with its humor, retro sci-fi styled world, unique characters, and atmosphere, makes even those users who already finished the course, learned Java, and became professional programmers return to the website to practice a bit or just have fun. As for the story, we don’t want to spoil it for you, let’s just say it involves space travel, extraterrestrial life, and robots.

Captivating and easy to digest theory. You won’t get bored

Naturally, all the Java theory is presented as part of this interactive approach in an easy-going way, as much as it’s possible. Our theory lectures are filled with jokes and pop culture references, but not too much, just enough to give you a mental break without going far away from the main subject of the course.

Achievements for progress to reinforce your will to succeed

Along a CodeGym course, you get achievements for each and every action that brings you closer to the ultimate goal: solving tasks, studying on a regular basis, helping others with questions in the Help section, even for commenting lectures or tasks. This way, your mind gets regular positive reinforcement, which keeps it focused on future success. When you solve a problem correctly, you get “dark matter” (the points you need to open the next lecture or the next level). Playing as an anthropomorphic robot named Amigo, you go through the course level by level, collecting and spending dark matter.

Develop your own games and play them on CodeGym

Did you know that on CodeGym you can program your own versions of well-known games starting from just Level 5? In our Games section, you can create your own game, publish it, and even invite your friends to play it.

Your journey is divided into levels

The fact that the course is divided into levels, with each level including about 15–30 coding tasks, 10–20 Java lectures, and motivation articles to keep you going, is another way to ease the mission and trick your mind into learning Java on a regular basis. You don’t have to focus on the final goal first, focus on getting to the next level. And the next one. In a few months, you’ll be half the way there without even noticing. In total, CodeGym has 40 levels, which are divided into 4 quests.


Learning how to code online at home is an easy mission to start but difficult to finish with success. CodeGym makes it easier as it gets. Come on, let’s go to this exciting adventure together. We’ll have lots of fun, promise.
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