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The Power of Us. How Socializing Improves Your Java Learning Ability

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We humans are inherently social beings. Most of us are so deeply social that we cannot bear total loneliness even for a day or two. Interestingly, we are not special in this way, as social behavior is very important for pretty much all animals. And not just animals, even organisms lacking a nervous system, such as germs. For example, Science magazine published an article titled “Genetic determinants of self-identity and social recognition in bacteria.” Fascinating, isn’t it? Anyway, here’s the point. Social behavior is important, because individuals interacting with each other, exchanging knowledge and support, get to be stronger and more successful. That is why, for some people, especially the ones who are heavily sociable, traditional education seems to work better than online self-learning. The traditional education model is based on learning in a group. And frankly, that is its only strength, as community support certainly matters when it comes to learning. It is not a crucial factor, but social interaction could definitely improve the efficiency and speed of the learning process a lot. Which has been proven by decades and centuries of practical experience.The Power of Us. How Socializing Improves Your Java Learning Ability - 1Of course, we realized the importance of socializing to achieve better learning results when designing CodeGym course. And we sure did everything possible to take that last piece of leverage out of the traditional education model’s hands, and to make our course as effective as it can possibly get. How CodeGym boosts your learning through social features and community support? Let’s see.

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First of all, we have the Articles section with original content being published every week. We are doing our best in order for these articles to bring you some extra value: guides on different aspects of programming as a profession, tips and tricks to learn Java more efficiently, recommendations about finding your first job and achieving professional growth, reviews and analytical reports on the tech job market, etc. Articles section is meant to support you with useful and applicable knowledge that will be relevant not just to Java learners, but to anyone interested in coding, tech or computer sciences as well. What’s also important is that users can interact with each other in the comments section of each article, sharing their opinions and asking questions. In spite of being such an obvious and common feature, comments to an interesting article can be a great way for users to share insights and opinions. In fact, go ahead and leave a comment to this article right now. Come on, scroll it down, write a comment and then get back to reading. Who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself a new Java learning buddy right there. Or even more...


So, if you and your new buddy feel like talking about other things unrelated to the article topic, you can just move your conversation to the Chat section. We have all kinds of chats for you to choose from: general chats, chats about specific technologies and topics, chats for users from the same geographical region, etc. The most important thing to know is: whenever you need a question to be answered or just feel like sharing your thoughts and experiences, CodeGym and its community is there for you!


Have a specific topic that you want to discuss and need as many knowledgeable opinions as possible? CodeGym has a Forum meant exactly for that. Start a new conversation or add what you have to say in one of someone else’s discussions. Forum is a pretty great tool to ask questions about the course, Java, or programming in general. We would really like CodeGym’s forum to eventually become an ultimate base of user-generated content about all things related to Java. Obviously, this cannot be done without the help of our uses. So don’t be shy to start a new discussion at our forum if you have anything to say or ask!


And last but not least, we have a newsletter subscription feature available to all our users! Get all the latest information and news on your email. Newsletter helps our users to stay a part of the community and feel its support all the time, which is important because it is another thing keeping your mind focused on the goal: to learn Java.


Summing it up, we recommend you not to underestimate the importance of community and social interaction and how these things affect your learning process. You don’t need to use each and every social feature that CodeGym has to offer though. We have a number of those especially to allow our users to choose the most comfortable way of social interaction. Just don’t forget to utilise these features once in a while, and maybe tell us how it works for you at the forum. Disagree with the notion that social interaction is important in learning how to code? Well, you are always welcome to share your opinion in comments to this article. Talk to you soon!
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