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The Christmas Sale on CodeGym is Well Underway!

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We simply can’t ignore the fact that the festive season is here, knocking at our doors! So, can we skip the part with surprises and presents for our dearest? Of course not, even though it’s still 2020, and anything can happen. But you can count on us no matter what. The season of really cool discounts is starting on CodeGym right now! Until December 18th, you can get an annual subscription at 50% OFF. The Christmas Sale on CodeGym is Well Underway! - 1Start 2021 with a brilliant plan... to become a cool programmer!
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Chang You
Level 47 , Santa Rosa, United States
5 December 2020, 05:50
IF I'm on a premium plan that has 6 months left, and upgrade to annual premium pro, will my previous subscription time remain?
Level 0 , Fremont
21 December 2020, 12:24
Kindly find the reply to the direct conversation.