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About 10 years ago, an omen appeared in offices everywhere: if an employee is staring too intently at his screen and occasionally clicks with the mouse with the same intensity, he's most likely playing Minesweeper. For anyone who has forgotten, and for others who missed this era due to their age: Minesweeper is one of the most popular office games that shipped with Microsoft Windows. Even today, if you're sitting at a computer running this operating system, Minesweeper is either pre-installed (just type "Minesweeper" in the Windows search box) or you can download it free from the Microsoft Store. Many Linux builds, such as KDE and GNOME, also acquired similar games. Unlike most other "time killers", this game presents the perfect balances of logical moves and random moves, making Minesweeper very exciting and simultaneously... somewhat less pointless than other such games. So, we have a game board divided into squares. Some of them contain "mines", but we don't know how many there are or where they are. Our goal is to reveal all of the unmined squares without getting blown up. You reveal a square with a left click. If it doesn't contain a mine, then a number appears that represents the number of mines adjacent to the revealed space. Now you need to do some thinking and guess which cells can be revealed and which should be marked as mined. And so it continues until you win or explode. Windows developers created this toy to help humans learn to use the mouse (yes, there was a time when computers didn't have mice and you had to be content with just the keyboard). Actually, the history of Minesweeper stretches farther back than even Microsoft. Its predecessors were available on mainframes as early as the sixties of the last century… But we digress... Right now, we're talking about creating our own version of Minesweeper! The rules for our "probabilistic brainteaser" will be exactly those described above. We've already divided this difficult task into subtasks on CodeGym and we'll tell you what to do. Be brave.
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Level 1 , United States
yesterday, 17:00
hello 🥳
Level 1 , United States
day before yesterday, 00:03
Level 0 , China
18 May, 02:08
YiYan Qu
Level 0 , United States
19 May, 15:46
Try mine package com.codegym.games.minesweeper; import com.codegym.engine.cell.Color; import com.codegym.engine.cell.Game; These are the first three line from my code.
Level 9 , Madrid
12 May, 15:15
Great Game! I've just published mine with some modifications... Now you look for bees, not mines! ☺️☺️
Level 0 , Germany
26 April, 17:56
das sied interesand aus
Anonymous #10895311
Level 0 , Netherlands
20 April, 18:24
where is the tutorial
Level 1 , United Kingdom
18 April, 15:22

John Squirrels Website Admin at CodeGym
19 April, 07:57
Level 1 , United Kingdom
18 April, 15:22
大约10年前,办公室里到处都出现了一个征兆:如果一个雇员是 过于专注地盯着他的屏幕,偶尔用鼠标单击 同样的强度,他最有可能扮演扫雷者。 对于那些忘记了的人,对于那些因为他们的 年龄:扫雷舰是最受欢迎的办公游戏之一。 微软视窗。即使是今天,如果你坐在电脑前运行这个 操作系统,Minesweeper是预装的(只需输入“Minesweeper”) 在Windows搜索框中),也可以从Microsoft免费下载 商店。许多linux构建,如kde和gnome,也获得了类似的。 合乎逻辑的动作和随机的动作,使扫雷者非常兴奋和 同时..。比其他这样的游戏更没有意义。 所以,我们有一个棋盘,分为正方形。其中有些含有“地雷”, 但我们不知道有多少人或者他们在哪里。我们的目标是揭示 所有没有地雷的广场都没有被炸毁。你展示了一个正方形 左键点击。如果它不包含地雷,则会出现一个表示 与显示的空间相邻的地雷数目。现在你需要做些 思考和猜测哪些细胞可以被揭示,哪些细胞应该标记为 埋了地雷。所以它一直持续到你赢或爆炸。 Windows开发人员创建这个玩具是为了帮助人类使用鼠标。 (是的,曾经有一段时间,电脑没有鼠标,你只能满足于键盘)。事实上,扫雷的历史更长了。 甚至比微软还早。它的前身早在上个世纪六十年代就可以在大型机上使用. 但我们离题了。现在,我们正在讨论创建我们自己版本的扫雷器!我们的“可能的智囊团”的规则就是 上文所述。我们已经把这个困难的任务分成了CodeGym上的子任务,我们会告诉你该怎么做。勇敢点。
Sekou Kanneh
Level 1 , United States
14 April, 19:23
cameron white
Level 1 , United States
13 April, 23:00