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Have you ever played the video game Speed Race? Not sure? Or perhaps Wheels? Okay, what about a game where you drive a race car at high speed and simultaneously dodge other cars and various obstacles that are sometimes illogical? We think you must have encountered some obstacle-laden racing games at some point in your gaming life! There are too many of these games to count. They have always been super popular, because they are exciting and the rules are so simple. The genre's first representatives appeared back in the days of arcade machines and even let you compete against your friends. And once in 1981, Bill Gates and Neil Konzen wrote a similar game. It was called Donkey.bas (the .bas extension means that Microsoft's former CEO used the BASIC programming language to write it) and was included in early versions of PC DOS, an operating system that today's kids can imagine only in their worst nightmares… In Donkey.bas, the race car driver (player) had to avoid running into donkeys that would suddenly appear on the road. A situation familiar to any fan of the genre! Let's follow in the footsteps of Microsoft's founder and create a similar game. But not in BASIC, of course. And we'll also do without the gray odd-toed ungulates. We're cooler, so we'll use our beloved Java. Let's call our game Racer. In addition to a player who can steer left and right and accelerate, it will have objects that move horizontally and vertically — other cars and stationary obstacles. The objective is to get to the finish line without hitting any of these objects. The finish line appears after a certain number of obstacles are passed. This isn't as hard as it may seem, but effort will be required. Here at CodeGym, we've already split this project into managable tasks that beginning programmers can understand. Shall we get started?
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Chase Chung Level 0
Friday, 17:24
this does not make sense
17 November, 15:23
i can not play this
davin Level 1 , Panama City, United States
3 November, 19:46
i have never played this before
Agent Smith Level 27 , Latvia
6 October, 11:26
Only 33 people finished this mini project so far.
29 September, 16:38
i cant play the help
Rithik Bhat Level 8 , Hartford, United States
23 August, 20:32
Can someone please help me with the spike exists method, on task 14. I have no idea how to check for a spike.
Rithik Bhat Level 8 , Hartford, United States
17 August, 20:44
Wait is the road object class supposed to be given by code gym or do we have to make it? Please help
Tejas Level 0
17 June, 01:58
very fun game, and has knowlwege.
Seb Level 41 , Crefeld, Germany
28 January, 22:02
Wow - that for sure was good fun! Very insightful to implement the Racer game. Thanks heaps for these step by step instructions.
Daniel Tinsley Level 22 , United States, United States
16 January, 07:51
Bill Gates wasn't the founder of Microsoft. He was the co-founder, along with Paul Allen. Give credit where credit is due.