We've figured out websites, where exactly to apply for jobs. Now, to apply for these positions, we need to prepare a resume. In this level, we'll discuss the steps needed to create a quality resume. We recommend preparing such a resume for yourself and recruiters, and then working with the job sites mentioned earlier.

What Kind of Resume Appeals to HR’s? Key Rules

Create a minimalist style resume

You're a developer, not a designer, which means your resume should clearly and concisely outline who you are and why you're suitable for the role. Avoid complex templates, hard-to-read fonts, and embellishments in your resume.

Keep your resume compact

Don't detail everything you've learned and discovered throughout your life. This is especially true for those with extensive experience outside of development. Recruiters are primarily interested in relevant experience. The recommended maximum resume length is two pages.

Your resume should be easy to read

Sometimes people try to cram as much information as possible into the recommended 1-2 page space. As a result, they choose very small fonts and tightly pack the text. Don't do this! Imagine you're a recruiter who needs to read and analyze many resumes daily. Dense, fine print is straining on the eyes and can even cause a headache. A resume like this will immediately irritate, even if the candidate is excellent.

Choose a font size and style that are easy to read. Remember how magazines and websites you enjoy reading are formatted: they don't have a continuous text block; the text is well-designed, broken into paragraphs and blocks. Likewise, divide your resume into blocks and include indents and paragraphs in your texts, while avoiding empty space. This shows you care about the recruiter's experience.