1. Course on the fundamentals of programming CS50

Harvard University has a world-famous course on the fundamentals of programming: Computer Science 50 (CS50). It provides a shallow but very interesting description of various areas of programming.

This course will be very useful for anyone who wants to learn more about programming and see whether it is a subject to study further. It's a superb way to discover that you are not really interested in programming before you spend 5-6 years studying it at a university.

What role does CodeGym play here, you ask? I'm glad you asked. In 2016, working with the Vert Dider translation team, CodeGym made a very high-quality translation of the entire CS50 course into Russian. The translation is so professional that the first video lecture on YouTube already has more than a million views.

On CodeGym, this course is structured as a separate CS50 quest, which contains all the videos, text-based lessons, as well as additional materials for practical tasks.

This course is available to everyone free of charge and without any need to register.

2. Course on Android

By the way, we decided not to limit ourselves to the Harvard course. In 2017, we translated the Android development course from Google (the creators of the Android platform).

All of the videos and lesson materials are also available as a separate Android quest. This course is also available to everyone free of charge and without any need to register. Watch, learn and grow.