Bonus task | Lesson 6 | Level 4

Java Core
Level 4 , Lesson 6

"What? You figured that out already?! You can't just go and complete all my tasks. It seems to me that you're just fooling around. Here's a new task for you. It's very difficult. Pay attention and arrange everything systematically. Read the literature, and ask your friends! Nobody dares deceive the Great Diego!"

Java Core, level 4, lesson 6
Chicken factory
Let's create an international chicken factory. We'll fill it with chickens from all over the world. Create a list that indicates each hen's nationality and we'll track how many eggs they lay each month. How do you do that? Using abstract classes and inheritance, of course.
Comments (55)
John Level 15 Mansfield Philippines
2 June 2021
Finnaly finished this taks but im confused why it works to just call the getMonthlyEggCount() by typing just that in the getDescription even if its not static?
Jurij Thmsn Level 23 Flensburg Germany
22 February 2021
Tough task due to complexity and text issues. Really nice! Didn't understand why the continents were in an interface though .... (?)
Gellert Varga Level 18 Szekesfehervar Hungary
20 February 2021
My biggest lesson from this task is: Never code any plus things, strictly just what the requirements dictate! Here specifically: do not add any extra fields to the Hen class and its subclasses, only the methods that is written in the requirements. (And I didn't figure this out on my own, just with help...)
26 January 2021
It should say that hen and all its children should be located in separate files though...
Vitalina Tkachenko Level 17 Poland
10 December 2020
Done. I needed 2 attempts. You have to be very patient and attentive.
Oliver Heintz Level 18 Mustang United States
7 December 2020
I hated this task. Nothing seemed clear to me. Everything seemed to work the way I wrote it the first time but I passed no part of verification, and I still don't know why. I had to go back and rework the entire program based on what others had done. Clarity would be great.
Agent Smith Level 38
26 August 2020
Be careful, this is how your output should look like:

I am a chicken. I come from Africa. I lay 10 eggs a month.
Edddieg Level 15 Providence United States
20 August 2020
sweet and savory :)
Tata Level 16 Hisar Haryana India
9 August 2020
Baurzhan Konurbayev Level 40 United States
8 August 2020
Hint is to use static variables from Continent interface instead of using literals. More accuracy and avoiding code duplication