"Hello, Professor!"

"Well, hello, Amigo! I'm very proud of you: a little more and half of your learning will be behind you. Don't be complacent with what you've achieved: the real fun starts now."

"A little more practice, and I'll definitely become a real programmer!"

"Let's add theory to your practice. I've prepared two detailed lessons for you on the material you've covered. I'm sure you'll learn a lot new."

Serialization and deserialization in Java

Programs are constantly interacting with each other. A byte format is used to conveniently transfer the data. To convert some Java object to a byte sequence and back, we use the processes of serialization and deserialization. This material examines these concepts again and reinforces them through practice.

Introducing the Externalizable interface

Serializable is not the only tool for serialization-deserialization in Java. In some cases, it's more appropriate to use a different tool — the Externalizable interface. Let's take a look at how it works and review some visual examples.